1. K-tron

    That poor child in camo has the worst case of “British Face” I’ve ever seen.

  2. For once, someone else in a photo is showing more sign of inbreeding than the prince…

  3. Kate

    Laurence Pemberton III was new to the the fourth grade in Granville, West Virginia, but he made an effort to dress in a way that fit in with the other kids.

  4. Tooter Von Toots III

    Mom, his farts do not smell like cotton candy!

  5. Who put a wig and glasses on that potato?

  6. “Ay Mum! Get en eyeful of dis! Dis is how royal chicken look!”

  7. Swearin

    “Okay, you remeember the plan, right? I get Mum into the hallway, and then you all cough, sneeze or just wipe something all over her.”

  8. The kid’s face makes up for the lack of sausage fingers in the image.

  9. fred

    Until now I thought “Lil Charles” was the Prince’s dick.

  10. Kids looking over at moms like “you promised me boobs”

  11. crb

    “Ye Gods! When one looks into the Abyss, -and by ‘Abyss’ I mean: shaking hands with commoners, that right little bastard does make his way ’round to looking back into you.

    -Amirite, Charlie or what me old son?”

    “Too true, old boy, too true. -I say, which one should we have the SAS assassinate first?”

    “Eehrm,.. ‘ow bout yon single mother ‘oo looks just like January Jones?…”

  12. vonnie

    Susan Boyle and Prince Charles’ love child is revealed!

  13. Softy

    So Bruce Willis makes ugly little British kids as well.

  14. “Hey, YOU, Mr. Smart-arse…curb your tongue or I’ll beat you silly. Well, not really. But I WILL have one of my security people do it for me!” (Hell’s Bells, it works for that Bieber wanker, why not for me?)

  15. “Your teacher said one of you is failing all your courses “

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