1. Dox

    “Push that glass of scotch back here, Im not drunk enough yet.”

  2. The man has tasted alcohol in almost every form except gas…. He’s a pioneer…

  3. Ed

    Dis be nut?

  4. “Yeah, thumb up is really the only way I can do it.”

  5. Beltliner

    These are not the cheeseburgers you’re looking for.

  6. Swearin

    “I used to make Pamela Anderson do this every Thursday on the Baywatch set.”

  7. Vlad

    I’m not really qualified to do this, I only played a lifeguard on TV, but what the hell, scoot your butt on over here and let’s check that prostate.

  8. Francis

    “Did I tell you guys that I’m also known as David Hasslicker?!”

  9. “I see the bun ,where the hell is the burger?”

  10. “If I do this, you promise I can get back on series television?”
    “beso mi culo burger boy!”

  11. ” OK Hoff my ass is named KITT, give it a second and it will talk back! “

  12. cc

    Confirmed by the Hoff…Crack Spackle still holds after 3 days.

  13. Hey there’s a lot of beer and a cheeseburger in here.

  14. “Yep, that’s me alright. Not a very good tattoo though.”

  15. “What the fuck, dude, the tattoo artist used your asshole for my mouth!”

  16. “Now you tell me what Aspergers is !”

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