1. Inner Retard

    Maybe she finally learned something and started hiding from her mother.

  2. The State of Affairs look…. pretty shitty.
    I’ll let myself out…

  3. Her life flashed before her eyes. So many regrets. Why did she leave Grey’s Anatomy? Why did she say yes to a Steven Seagal movie? She had been so unkind, so pretentious. She should’ve treated people kinder, better…given more to charity. Seconds passed, and she realized the taxi had stopped just short. “Do you know who the fuck I am!?!?” she screamed, and the vision faded from memory.

  4. “No, I will not get up until the screenwriters write some better material!”

  5. If Katherine Heigl let her PA behind the wheel of that cab, this would be the last photo taken of her.

  6. I doesn’t matter if you hide, Katherine. Your bitchiness can be felt miles away.

  7. Beltliner

    Dropping a deuce between two parked cars. Always classy.

    Has her career slid so far they won’t give her a trailer to poop in?

  8. Vlad beats TMZ to an exclusive shot of Katherine Heigl the very moment before she is crushed between a taxi and a truck.

  9. you’ve got nothing on the ninja skills of that liquor store lady ..js

  10. She’s still searching for her career.

  11. Katherine Heigl is to movies what Sarah Palin is to politics.

  12. Maria

    “please let the taxi run her over, please let the taxi run her over, please let the taxi run her over….”

  13. Director: “Katherine, this shot calls for the absence of pompous, overpaid, ungrateful, untalented massive egos so I am going to need you to kneel down further.”

  14. cc

    Parking brake, if you are ever going to let me down, now is the time.

  15. Ben

    “Quick Jerry, put your foot on the gas!”

  16. Where Will You Be When Diarrhea Strikes?

  17. “Hey, hey, hey…what is all this brouhaha? That’s my lady y’all are disrespecting there. This needs to stop before I get angry…”

  18. these are outtakes from her new nyquil commercial shoot. i think she nailed it.

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