1. Red

    and thats how the scientist finally discovered a liquid more disgusting than Kanyes west semen..

  2. Dox

    A) Miley’s violent rejection of holy water proves she is indeed of diabolic origins.

    B) Miley demonstrates her “Across the Room Snowball” she learned on the first stop of her “Bangerz” tour.

    C) Doctors are baffled by Miley’s new strain of herpes…..

  3. So Miley Cyrus is a hybrid human-Squirtle?

  4. Getting pissed on by the ghost of Dave Brockie and his magical Cuttlefish of Cthulhu.

  5. Oh, I see she’s doing German porn now.

  6. Seen here in its native environment, the Vaginus-TongueIsWayPast15minutos specimen, can be observed infecting fellow members of the species with its penchant for lack of musical talent and STDs….

  7. “The test came back positive Miley. Billy Ray is your real father.”

  8. She said the #bangerz tour would be educational, and indeed, it is. Here we have Mizz Cyrus demonstrating how the universe and galaxies formed. Each droplet of water contains nearly 4000 different strains of bacteria and 14 different strands of human DNA. You know: life.

  9. That’s some impressive distance. I love her mouth, except when it “sings”.

  10. Eejut

    Billy Ray said she spits.

  11. Beltliner

    I don’t even know what’s happening here, but Brundelfly is going to be mighty mad that you got his transporter pods wet.

  12. ThisWillHurt

    “Reptile wins! FATALITY!”

  13. Swearin

    What if it’s actually a small cluster of sub-atomic particles, somehow rendered visible to the human eye, jizzing into her face?

  14. Getting pissed on by Daleks is something I haven’t seen before, even for her.

  15. Ronaldo

    Charming to the last.

  16. The dreaded North American Spitting Chipmunk.

  17. crb

    Pshaw. -Launching from mouth instof cooter?

    F%&king amateurs…

  18. Nedry shouldn’t have said that he was going to run her over.

  19. Fancy Face

    You can smell the STDs from here.

  20. So she’s a spitter too? So much for finding a redeeming value for this ratchet.

  21. Well I guess that answers everyone’s question

  22. she has the worst body ever, so unflattering. EAT.

  23. Odbarc

    Billy Ray found the Hallow Man serum.

  24. cc

    For her next trick, her head does a 360.

  25. Herpes cannon go!

  26. Natty Ice

    Aaaaaaannnnnddddd now we know the real reason Liam left her.

  27. Is she pitching or catching?

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