1. Damn thot it was lindsay. They look great~

  2. horn dog

    Arguably the cutest babe on the face of the planet

  3. KWDragon

    She should not shop for clothes in the “Beyond” section. Oh wait, she’s dressed like Hilary Duff, so she must have shopped in the “Been” section.

  4. I’d do her in the bed, the bath AND the beyond (that’s the butt)

  5. Let the countdown to stroller smashing begin!

  6. cc

    Thank you for not mentioning Ryan Seacrest in this post. Ah fuck!!!

  7. Hats, ladies. Stop wearing them.

  8. DonDopey

    Seriously? More Kendra in “Crap we missed?” Oh wait…

  9. Every time I see a fedora on a chick I think of Charlie Sheen. Maybe he really *is* winning, after all…

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