1. Stretchpants are not her friend. Stretch sweaters…maybe.

  2. ‘Round these parts we call that face the “buffet bullseye”.

  3. who cares?

    jennifer love hewitt *pandering* to her car in beverly hills. verbs are tricky.

  4. Just issue her a Rascal and a punch card for Hometown Buffet and let’s get it over with… I need closure.

  5. you’re role was a Melinda Gordon of “Ghost Whisperer” NOT Slimer from Ghost busters.

  6. Apparently Ghost Whispering doesn’t really burn that many calories.

  7. noooooooooo

    She walks, mouth open while emitting a sound that only unfortunate canines can hear. She is… the bitch whisperer.

  8. Jennifer Love Ice Cream.

  9. The Pearish Priest.

  10. DonDopey

    She also just realized William Shatner shit his pants.

  11. Storm

    “Hell yeah, my vajayjay is still vajazzled!”

  12. Charmless Man

    She’s as shocked as I am that papparazi are still taking her picture.

  13. Uh oh. Her ‘future husband’ took off with the car again.

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