1. The Queen has the crown, she has shitty hats.

  2. MFer

    Nipples seem a bit off.

  3. Her Majesty’s Service nickname is “WonkTits”.

  4. Contusion

    What is it with these royals that, in normal life, they wear normal clothes and look like regular people. Then they marry a prince and they start dressing like they are in the Off-Broadway revival of That Girl.

  5. JungleRed

    Apparently royalty ages you more than the presidency.

  6. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    A nation well known for its wonky teeth, but less well known for its wonky nipples. The natives had to cross the Atlantic to straighten both out.

  7. Kate’s left nipple is at attention because she’s only thinking about me with the right side of her brain.

  8. AnnaD.

    A very plain-looking woman.

  9. Me thinks Robin Hood and his bow are in attendance stealing from the rich.

  10. Mama Pinkus

    it’s almost like she is quickly morphing into that recently released grim official portrait of her

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