1. You know big chunky totally has that throne as a toilet in his man cave.

  2. Skippy86

    Looks pretty cheesy that throne.

  3. I really must get around to watching this series. The books were good, as I recall. Problem is, I spend too much time here being a dick.

  4. WHAT?!?!? What did you say?
    Yellowpages as a lift???
    That’s right.. I didn’t think you said anything..

  5. So the hottest chick in this picture is 15. Goddamnit.

    How old is Sansa? 17? Sigh… *mumbles something about her being English and how that’s legal age there*

  6. Ok Martin, season 3 is a wrap…now how about you get back to finishing the damn books?

    Remember books? Those things you used to write?

    • I actually found out he was forced to give an outline of the full story to the guys in charge of the show, as part of the contract. They’ve said it can be done in 80 hours. It’s win/win because this way he’s not under pressure to try staying ahead, and if he dies before he finishes we still get to know the end.

      Surprised he’s letting the show steal the thunder of finishing the story though, as there’s no way he finishes before the series, even if that’s 4-5 years away.

  7. tidbit

    Jesus H. Would it kill Dinklage to ever smile? He always seems so short with everyone.

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