1. joe

    See honey, this is how I want you to hold me. Firmly on the hips.

  2. just a little further and Ill know for sure. Not gonna make THAT mistake again.

  3. STILL doing his Ray Charles imitation?!?

  4. He’s always behind her like that. Is her vagina a Chinese finger trap?

  5. JimBB

    Ah, the old banana in the tailpipe trick.

  6. This is all I see him doing these days. At least he’s not doing anymore shitty movies.

  7. Beverly Hills Cop a feel.

  8. Nut to Butt that’s how I do it with the tranny’s

  9. Art Crow

    Of course she’s wearing sandals.

  10. I swear to God you used this same photo months ago in another TCWM post, looks damn familiar.

  11. Capt Obvious

    Goddamn Eddie…no snark from me. Keep at it brother. You rock.

  12. My girl wants a latte all the time, a laaaaatte all the tiiiiiiime.”

  13. j/k

    Who the hell looks at Charlie Sheen and goes, “That bowling shirt s nice, I want to look like that.”?

  14. renotastic

    ‘Dis how rooster enter.

  15. Mike Walker

    Check out those gunboats…

    Eddie likes dem big manly feets.

  16. She is a hot piece of ass.

  17. Transvestite in the front, Eddie Murphy in the back

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