1. “So…uh…When does the cleaning crew get here?”

  2. tito

    this is a family reunion of all the kids he’s had with maids.

  3. Those women are just the way he likes them. Overweight and homely. I’m guessing their pregnant already.

  4. JimBB

    Theater employees honor someone even more unintelligible than they are.

  5. Gustav Tranquil

    This is a guessing game- how many fingers can you fit in my bag?

  6. Gustav Tranquil


  7. He’s like the Austrian Kim Jong Un.

  8. We all know what’s going down with him and the chubby Mexican chick on his right later on that night.

  9. looks like ahnoolds head stuck on someone elses body.

  10. Paulos Zookeeper

    Who’d have thought he’d still be doing generic action movies in his old age.

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