1. This guy is one the least funny comedians I’ve ever heard. Second only to Colin Quinn.

  2. A “Situation” in training.

  3. When did Jerry Sandusky get paroled?

  4. Better than working in the factory, right kid?

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He’s got the pedo pants & the kid – where’s the digital camera & internet connection?

  6. Dox

    Context would be really nice for this photo.
    Just sayin….

  7. Cock Dr

    I guess the trick is to be completely blatant about it….it’s the Sandusky MO.

  8. nelle

    And for my newest puppet…Pedophile Pete!

  9. Shuffle that truffle, bitch.

  10. Jaykay

    Someone better tell him sticking a hand up his ass ass makes more of a pedophile than a ventriloquist

  11. Casting couch footage for Woody Allen’s next film?

  12. “Snack Pack Abs!”

  13. Peanut

    He’s pointing to the kid, and pointing to the ground in front of his crotch.

  14. Quick quiz: “What’s bigger, Jeff’s head or that kid”?

  15. david(guest)

    this guy is worth ten of your louis c.k.s or your george carlins, you guys just don’t understand humour
    down votes are cool right?

  16. That’s the creepiest puppet yet

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