1. Rick

    She had that wheelchair made for her *before* her accident.

  2. Beer Baron

    They see me rollin’…

  3. gooch

    Larry Flynt: “No, that’s okay. You can keep it.”

  4. So Steampunk is officially over now, then?

  5. ThisWillHurt

    At least she can’t tour anymore.

  6. your mom

    This just gave Russel Brand the biggest boner of his life.

  7. B&WMinstrel

    “I was doing that twenty years ago” – Steven Hawking

  8. The only way to play Murder Ball. Lets just hope it her.

  9. Holy shit! What’s she sportin in the she department? Looks like a size 12, minimum.

  10. I actually think that’s a rather nice leg. Hopefully she has another one very much like it.

  11. God, people are still giving that clown the time of day? And yeah, Pedo Richardson too.

  12. La-Z-Boy makes wheelchairs now ?

  13. Ah fuck, its still alive?

    God damn it.

  14. Holy asymmetric eyes, Batman!

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