1. Perfect for her gold Trans Am.

  2. Your move, Kim Kardashian….

  3. I wonder how much it will cost to change all the signage to “impure” now.

  4. j/k

    Now she’s doing Christina Aguilera hands?

  5. Some pimp needs to check his skank ho for stealin’ his microphone walkin’ stick. Keeps it ruhl.

  6. Fredical

    Hosting its official renaming to “Taint”

  7. How long before someone notices it’s just an inflatable love doll with a speaker strapped to it?

  8. Inner Retard

    I thought it was Lady Gaga.

  9. hibby

    this is why photoshop invented the “insert penis in mouth” filter.

  10. Kesha demonstrating part 1 of how she gives an Around the World.

  11. Toe Jam

    “Hoooooo’s can you see. by the dawns early light…”

  12. Skippy86

    C3PO is either really pissed or really happy.

  13. Nope, still not Lady Gaga.

  14. oops, meant to put that comment here; CRAP! Just when I thought she couldn’t get any uglier!

  15. coyote

    Is she anybody? interesting? attractive? or even talented?

  16. This chick is so lame that I only every see her on this site. At least with real stars I am occasionally exposed to them in other areas of life.

  17. She does the exact same thing when she places an order at a fast food restaurant.

  18. She looks like she knows how to use that mouth.

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