1. And he’s calling other princesses and queers?

  2. He’s actually hurling that ball at the back of a child’s head.

  3. TheJoaker

    I’m assuming some kid accidentally dropped that in his yard. Then with a grunt and a fart… It was gone

  4. Talk about pigskin…

  5. ultra

    and THAT’s how a faggot throws a football.

  6. (Fuck YOU Sean Hannity!)

  7. Alec Baldwin:” Don’t throw like a homo Alec !”

  8. Bane

    I see he has Dunlap Disease. His belly dun lapped over his pants.

  9. “Man Blubber, on 3. Break!”, “Rude pig 94, Baba Booey 87…hike!”

  10. “Go fly, you rude, thoughtless little pigskin!”

  11. CK


  12. Why the hell is Alec throwing the football? He’s more suited to be an OFFENSIVE lineman.

  13. Jenn

    He can’t pay the extra 2 bucks for the big and tall shirt to spare us the sight of his fat hairy gut? Rude thoughtless old pig!

  14. He should be working on “Cialis”, not “Still Alice.”

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