1. Hard Target… in Romania

  2. Swearin

    Oh, he’s definately getting a strongly-worded letter from Chuck Norris

  3. Attack of the Nordic Mullets?

  4. It’s hard to parody a parody of yourself.

  5. I think that mullet and all jeans outfit was trademarked by Chuck Norris.

  6. Cock Dr

    Being fit does not automatically = attractive

  7. Epic Mullet Fight of History: Van Damm vs. Billy Ray Cyrus! FIGHT!

  8. Inner Retard

    Scientists are still puzzled by this find frozen in ice for four millennia. Some believe he was a kicker, others a splitter. As for the hair, one scientists was quoted to say: We don’t get it either!

  9. TheJoaker

    How am I jealous of him AND pity him at the same time. I jity him.

  10. After the Volvo ad, he can do no wrong.

  11. I imagine the beer has a kick to it but tastes like shit.

  12. Enter the Mullet.

  13. I bet someone is wishing he invested his money wisely right now.

  14. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Every time I see this pose, I think of the scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where the big guy with the sword gets shot by Indy.
    Good times.

  15. DaKBro

    Bringing back the mullet, one country at a time…

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