1. Smoking stunts your growth. Obviously.

  2. He must be getting a package discount, this one seems to be recurring.

    • I didn’t know hookers had a frequent flier type program. Even then, you would think he would earn points for hookers from the same agency. I mean, I fly Delta most of the time but it’s not like I take the same airplane on every flight.

  3. Is it just me, or do her tits seem to be a bit low?

  4. she told her surgeon she wanted the “grapefruit in a nylon stocking”.

  5. Best looking of the bunch we have seen him with thats for sure.

  6. Her tits are speaking to each other.

  7. Has he done any movies lately? instead of ” I was drunk on Jesus juice and all I got was MJ touching my taint!”

  8. Some where, Martin Sheen is saying…What the fuck?!

  9. Inner Retard

    Ireland is a cruelly efficient yet helpful soul. In one brilliant move she’ll piss off his dad and help Corey commit suicide.

  10. crb

    Her soul is not dead yet; which Feldman will fix by the end of the evening.

  11. I feel like her name is “Svetlana.”

  12. That’s right bitches. Just cashed a $150 royalties check from ‘Goonies’. #swag

  13. HaimNoMore

    Wanna smell these 3 fingers? Yeah you do!

  14. “All this can be yours if… The Price Is Rightâ„¢”

  15. yourmom

    “My date? Oh, this is hooker #23965 from the catalogue….”

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