1. She’s like a ray of sunshine this one.

  2. Frank Burns

    Heigl irritated to find that her ability to suck the joy out of any entertainment that features her doesn’t also suck the beauty out of nearby flowers.

  3. noakley

    Funny, that’s exactly how I picture her looking. Right down to the fat chin, mom hair, and scarf to hide the wattle.

  4. Can’t we get her some bigger sunglasses?

  5. Raoul

    “Stupid flowers.”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This is what Madonna sees when she looks at a hydrangea

  7. The Winchester

    I like how they had to photograph her with flowers so there was at least something pretty and pleasant to look at.

  8. El Jefe

    They should have cast her as the wicked witch in Once Upon a Time. She would have been way more convincing and would not even have to act differently than her usual self.

  9. I would have thought that stick up her ass would have rotted away by now.

  10. All she’s really doing is emulating her target demographic – uptight, self-aggrandizing, moderately-educated but desperately uninformed, white, middle class house-fraus whose entire existence involves the following (in no particular order): (a) emasculating their husbands; (b) tennis/gym sessions with like-minded house-fraus; (c) shopping at Target; (d) carpooling obnoxious, overindulged brats to and from school/practice; and (e) Starbucks.

  11. Bigalkie

    Swifty Lazar? I thought that dude died!

  12. Hans Geseundheit

    She emanates joy and happiness

  13. cc

    The face of a woman who has gone from hit tv show to cattle call in about two years.


    Someone should let her know the smell won’t linger if she “digs-squats-and buries” next time.

  15. The Brown Streak

    Must be a lot of crows in that garden.

  16. I think she just got a whiff of her movies.

  17. How to look like a bitch in one easy step.

  18. Slippinx12

    Such a beautiful smile…

  19. Slippinx12

    Are we sure her last name isn’t Stinkmeaner? Look at all these flowers…. this some ol bullshit….

  20. shandanger

    she’s got bitch face permanently grafted to her skull.

  21. Nug

    No rape whistle needed.

  22. The Penis goes in the Vagina

    She was just one good fuck away from getting it, too late now though.

  23. Alex

    I would tease the ever-loving shit out of her with cigarettes. That is a nicotine withdrawal scowl. I would just rip them up right in front of her…act like I’m going to light one and then just crush it. Take scissors to whole packs. Nothing against the cigarettes. I just can’t stand this overrated bitch.

  24. EricLr

    I bet she was angry at her 5th birthday party because she SPECIFICALLY SAID A *BROWN* PONY, DAD!!!

  25. chmod

    She’s researching her new role as an old jewish woman.

  26. what the huh?

    thats her oh fuck i can smell my own fart face

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