1. Bobin

    Enough with the blue. Even the dog is like “I don’t know him”.

  2. noakley

    He looks just like Ron Jeremy, except his jeans are a bit looser.

  3. Still better than Katherine Heigl.

  4. “I just stole this, I mean I saved this dog’s life. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

  5. King Diamond

    He even has a sense of humour in clothing.

  6. j/k

    Women, this is what we look like when you make us walk your little dogs.

  7. I like his earlier work better than the stuff from his Blue Period.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Too much masculinity for one picture.

  9. g-moonie

    “Tracy Morgan is more successful than me? God MUST be black.”

  10. RobN

    Actually, he looks pretty good considering the fact that he’s Jon Lovitz.

  11. They seem a little blue.

  12. cc

    Lovitz won the jowl-off with his dog

  13. The Brown Streak

    Everybody’s such a critic.

  14. Buddy the Elf

    Not pictured: His wife, Morgan Fairchild.
    (Whom he’s seen naked.)

  15. C What I did There

    If you have no kids to abuse and treat like shit Jon Lovits is available.

  16. chmod

    Who’s walking who?

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