1. Apparently Yoda had a slutty older sister…

  2. Any Guy

    where is our PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSS?

  3. Godmother material, fo sho.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    JWoww, the hussy, went to seed in a beautiful pea green coat.


    tits or GTFO

  6. holygrail

    ewww how old is she suppose to be?

  7. So I guess she’s not circumcised.

  8. Oh, those floating pink dogs. They always want to sniff what you’re eating or drinking.

  9. El Jefe

    The only thing Woww about her is that woww she looks like shit.

  10. j/k

    so that’s what her face looks like!

  11. This is my favorite muppet.

  12. George P Burdell

    You cover-up her personalities and she wouldn’t be worth a second look.

  13. J WAH-Wah-waaaaaaa

  14. Contusion

    I think I recognize that dude.

  15. Frank Burns

    “Phone home! Phone hoommmee . . . !”

  16. cc

    Oh look, she’s got a pink name tag.

  17. The Brown Streak

    LeAnn Rimes will hire anyone to try to fool us that she’s eating.

  18. Swearin

    In honor of the Ewok-to-be that her BFF is birthing, JWoww stepped out in a hoodie and scrunched her face into that of a demented bear

  19. Buddy the Elf


  20. C’mon, JWoww! When are you going to figure out what a burka really is? Queasy stomachs everywhere want to know.

  21. HITLER

    J’What The Fuck???


  22. Blech

    Yep, she looks like she’s in Jersey City now…

    Have fun, puke princesses!

  23. Silicon Jones and the Nipple of Doom

    No matter how much plastic you pump in the tits you’re not going to cover the face.

  24. J-woww to J-meh in 5 seconds flat.

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