1. B&WMinstrel

    I’d love to believe this was real. They let you do mugshots without a shirt ?

  2. henry hill

    desmond “short bus” bryant….has a nice ring to it.

  3. They must have axed him what 2 + 1 was

  4. Beer Baron

    Hello Derp.

  5. Now we can finally complete “Plan 9 from Outer Space!”

  6. Johnny P!

    At what point can doctors and scientists determine when a football player begins to become brain damaged?
    This, alas, remains an elusive mystery…

  7. You should have just captioned this, “Me,” Fish.

  8. Looks like Carlton has an allergic reaction to bee stings.

  9. ThisWillHurt

    Is this the guy from Beetlejuice who swallowed a chicken bone sideways?

  10. Jentilly

    It must be very hard for him to buy dress shirts

  11. Don Draper's Dad

    Thumbhead 2.0

  12. Clearly a MENSA member.

  13. You have to admit, he does a pretty good LeAnn Rimes imitation.

  14. “Criminal mischief” must mean “eating an entire submarine sandwich in one swallow, then disrupting the peace by choking on it.”

  15. He should really get that checked out. Looks like goiter.

  16. cc

    I would have thought that someone with Down Syndrome playing in the NFL would have been more newsworthy.

  17. The best part? He’s a Harvard grad. No, really:

  18. WTF is he one of those creatures from Men in Black?

  19. He appears to have Verne Troyer stuck in his throat.

  20. Joe

    Stewie is trying to escape!

  21. AnnaD.

    Looks like the throat of a croaking frog.

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