1. B&WMinstrel

    Best. Sea Monkeys. Evar.

  2. karlito

    hope they’re going to get something to eat.

  3. contusion

    And for today’s Pinkett Smith embarrassing child-douchery asshole photo of the day….

  4. Beer Baron

    HA! What a Cunt. See Onion, this one is totally appropriate.

  5. “Parents….just don’t unda-stand…”

  6. Nik

    I can’t tell which child is which?

  7. Jade

    Mom and .. daughter? Son?

  8. Jentilly

    Both their kids live in the lap of luxury, they get anything and everything their little hearts desire, and yet in every photo of them they look so miserable!

  9. ThisWIllHurt

    “I can’t believe mom won’t let me wear my full Indian headdress. I bet Russel Brand’s mom lets him wear his full Indian headdress.”

  10. John Travolta

    Do any of them ever have their public relations people read these comments? They are the most stuck up, retarded and ugly dressed individuals on earth.

  11. Rick


  12. I would celebrate if the entire family died screaming under a sheet of burning plastic.

  13. HITLER

    I’d be embarrassed to have this clown as a kid.


  14. Why is it that I always want to curb stomp every member of this family besides Will?

  15. Axy

    I thought that was a giant douche earring. Wasn’t surprised at all.

  16. I see she had to out-douche her brother. Success.

  17. Stewie

    Clearly Will has two daughters.

  18. CK

    Wait, that’s the DAUGHTER?

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