1. Well…. This is awkward…

  2. Deacon Jones

    Let me guess….Jeter’s been there

  3. Cock Dr

    WTF is Lily wearing? A tablecloth smeared with feces? The Parisian fashionistas must have loved that.

  4. I hate to see you go, but I like to watch you leave.

  5. . . . ♪♪and it makes me smile♪♪

  6. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to pause the concert to observe a moment of silence for DAT ASS!”

  7. sloppy attitude

    Wow, I now understand fashion ! Tall, leggy and fine!

  8. Jentilly

    “Damn, my bum use to look like that”

  9. The Pope


  10. Mumra

    Memories . . . of the ass I left behind . . . .

  11. I recognize that ass anywhere. Lais Ribeiro everyone. Google her and then proceed to abuse oneself.

  12. Maybe she’s looking at her shoes. Which are nice, too. (Yes, yes, I saw that ass. Stared at it. Longed for it. And then I scrolled down and noticed the shoes.)

  13. That ass is a thing of beauty. I’m a woman, and I’d stare at it too!

    • Buffalo Chips

      So glad someone from the opposite sex understands how men feel. Instead of calling us perverts and screaming sexual harassment. We need more women like you.

  14. Martina

    What man or woman wouldn’t stop to look at that beautiful ass?
    mm mm mm

  15. johnnyu

    . ♪♪ yesterday ♪♪

  16. KC

    Conservation of matter, energy, and hotness encapsulated.

  17. The love of butt knows no gender or boundary.

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