1. “I hereby promise no more penis pics…”

  2. contusion

    the guy is suffering from a healthy dose of gingervitis.

  3. The next word he will be signing is “balls”.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    That’s the sign for “I hope the deaf girl I just banged didn’t have herpes”.

  5. Maria

    Proof that money, fame and power can overcome any physical defect a man has when it comes to getting laid. God bless gold digging whores.

  6. Here’s hoping that I don’t become gay….er.

  7. “I’m going driving through Paris, wish me luck!”

    too soon?

  8. ThisWillHurt

    “You said you would never play strip poker again!”
    “I had my fingers crossed when I did! Psych!”

  9. Looks like he’s doing the voice too.

  10. goon

    Prinz Harry, the perfectionist. A consummate portrayal of the harrowing world of deafness.

  11. Bob

    Gentlemen, I do believe we’ve found our Ralph Malph. We’re one step closer to our inevitable Happy Days movie.

  12. Trying to get his soul back with some imaginary chopsticks.

  13. Vlad

    Franks n’ beans!!!

  14. cc

    That’s Lesothoese for ‘Shocker’

  15. Stewie

    Have we figured out who this soulless ginger’s biological father is?

  16. He was taught how to throw by that guy in the volkswagon commercial.

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