1. B&WMinstrel

    Grown ups, huh? Am I right?

  2. He loves that black microphone.

  3. Mr. Poop

    Looks like he’s been at the Gaffer’s home brew.

  4. Anthony

    I’m a real boy!

  5. Brad Pitt was great in that movie about him.

  6. I fear to ask where the ventriloquists hand is.

  7. Inner Retard

    Someone tell him this is the premier of Maniac not the shoot. He’s still in character.

  8. tom

    In a few years he will get an oscar for the lead role in the movie “Hitler’s return”

  9. VulvatheGreat

    He’s had one too many elf dicks I say!

  10. Grafikman

    Is that Darth Vader sans helmet in the audience?

  11. “My name is Frodo, and I’m an alcoholic…”

  12. donkeylicks

    Aren’t you a little short to be filming a bioptic?

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