1. I call this move “the Russell Brand”.

  2. Larry, unless that thing is motorized you stand no chance of outrunning Russell.

  3. Digging the gold plated wheelchair.

  4. Christopher isn’t Walken.

  5. This fuckstick is still alive too?

  6. fred

    This answers the age-old question: Do the drapes match the wheels?

  7. Spock attempts to administer the Vulcan nerve pinch to Commander Pike to no avail.

  8. Dannyboy

    “”I love GOLD…”
    “mmm that’s a keeper”

  9. You can’t really bash Larry Flynt…dude took a fucking bullet so each one of you could go home and jerk off.

  10. Did anyone else totally see Christopher Walken in a wheelchair in the thumbnail?

  11. Pornography makes you a cripple?…I thought hairy palms, max.

    • No, a bullet from some asshole Christian sniper. Check out the movie with Woody Harrelson to get all the story. You will also be surprised, nay, flabbergasted that Courtney Love does a pretty good job as Althea, his first wife. Granted, Althea was a drug-addled ex-stripper so it wasn’t much of a strech for Ms. Love but still, an enjoyable romp.

  12. ‘Whoopsie, forgot to switch him on again.’

  13. christine

    oh good. he’s got a golden wheelchair.

  14. Phoenix

    Larry Flint sex doll in Beverly Hills

  15. Elf

    - May I go to the bathroom
    - Sure
    - (15 seconds of silence) Thank you.

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