1. Watchu talkin about Willis??
    Tits, we’re talking about tits here..

  2. Just out of frame is the 3 foot stack of telephone books Cee Lo is standing on.

  3. BP

    Who’s the loser in the Ohio State Buckeyes jacket?

  4. “eyes up top or imma smack your face”

  5. So, who is Shortie McFivehead?

  6. “Really…well, six times in one day is a lot. I have heard of more, but that’s great. I’m glad you like my pictures that much, but I’m still not signing it.”

  7. So that’s where Christopher Dorner has been hiding.

  8. Mama Pinkus

    this gal is really not that pretty or interesting and she is somewhat chunky, with no real toning evident – yet she makes a lucrative career on her tits alone – these are the times in which we live

  9. Josephus

    In every photo like this, there’s a black man in the background saying it all with his “I think this bitch just farted” face.

  10. Black guy’s thought bubble, “You get one more inch closer to Kate and I’ll fuck you up.”

  11. Derp mouth + eyebrows

  12. Don’t get me wrong- she’s very pretty- but whenever I see pictures of her out and about at various events and I compare those to her bikini pix in magazines, I get the impression that people are always photoshopping major pounds off of her. Hey, I’m not judging her- Good for Kate and her giant boobs!

  13. anonym

    she’s the luckiest plump chick in the business.

    15 years ago, a girl like her would have no job in the business.


    she’s future fat in training. the next anna nicole. stay away from the pills, chunkasaurus.

  15. Alright, if you guys are going to keep getting to bask in the titular glory of Upton, I demand you start showing some Hiddleston on here.

    The current selection of males on here smells like sweaty gym socks and looks like Pauly Shore’s mangina.

  16. Martina

    it’s not going to end well for Kate … in 10 years she’ll have gained 100 pounds and she’ll be watching Anna Nicole Smith movies while eating a tray of velveeta smothered nachos.

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