1. Free balloons for everyone 12 and under! Yaaay!

  2. Another picture of the holy father to invite pedophile comments. How shameful.

  3. Priests now make penis balloons? Thats odd…

    • Maybe there’s something in the Bible about how all balloons need to be twisted to look like yellow butterfly-jizzing penii in order to honour .. something .. cross …. Jesus butter ….

  4. Is he trawling kids’ birthday parties now?

  5. Nothing says limitless faith in God’s plan like a bulletproof bubble.

  6. James

    I just love that there is a picture of the pope right after a picture of Farrah Abraham and a teddy bear with a dick.

  7. In honor of Genesius of Rome, patron saint of clowns, the Pope spent the day performing blessings of balloon animals.

  8. PediPope

    Bless you, Bless you…
    No, no older than 6, Bless you…
    Yes, that one should do nicely…

  9. No, a sausage dog. Well, just pray on it and keep practising. *God they suck at balloon animals.*

  10. Nut bra

    You must be under this height to ride me.. ?

  11. “…Okay, While this side sings ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, You wait for my cue to come in on the second round. Ready?…”

  12. “Alla you wops geta the fuck outta the way!”

  13. Alexander

    the only use of condoms he deems acceptable…

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