1. Amanda is that you?

  2. She’s still really fucking sexy. Check out the Wild Rose video Fish linked a few days ago.

  3. john

    DAT ASS!!!!!!!

  4. yumm

    it takes 10 minutes to open the door ..any camera around? ok it takes 20 mins ..

  5. Jenn

    California people, is it really cold enough for a toboggan? It’s in the 60′s where I’m at, and I’m not even wearing a jacket. Are actors wusses, or just too lazy to fix their hair,I’m curious.

    • A toboggan is a sled. You mean touque? Knit cap?

    • What?

      Actually the weather in California has gotten colder after the Thanksgiving Holiday–dropping from the 70′s to the low to mid-50′s during the day.

      However, the weather in LA is consistently the same. I doubt she actually needs to knit hat.

  6. O hai, welcome back to relevance!

  7. NOT SHOWN: Cod piece on the front.

  8. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    rose mcgowen hired a chick with a hot ass to wear a rose mcgowen mask around hollywood

  9. You’re not kidding anyone, Rose. That’s not your car. Just keep walking and get on the bus.

  10. martina

    Oh my, I’ll bet the casting couch was really busy 15 years ago.

  11. anonym

    I’d like to nibble that ass. Then plant my face in the crack.

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