1. brick

    What a freakin’ joke!

  2. Seen here in its natural environment and preferred mode of transport, the Douchious Mulletus can be observed during its courting ritual as it tries to out-douche the other members of its species.
    We have to be very quiet as it scares easily when presented with responsibility and age appropriate clothing.

  3. Slappy Magoo

    Ahm jest gonna set here ‘n wait fer my integgerty to com’on back…Ah ken wait awl day if’n's ah haveta…

  4. Tough guy pose: Level Failed

  5. That model tricycle is called the wrecking ball. He’s wanted to ride it for a while.

  6. JimBB

    Hey, some rednecks have inner ear problems you know!!

  7. yourmom

    Dear Billy Ray,
    You’re old. Go home.

    Ps. your daughter is a whore.

  8. Employee

    Kenny Powers stunt double

  9. Ha ha ha ha, what a clown.

  10. This looks like what SNL would come up with making a parody of him. No, check that, it’s even worse than a parody of Billy Ray Cyrus.

  11. Sheppy

    Fucking bad ass!!!!1111

  12. Jesus Christ Himself

    I don’t understand why everyone hates this guy so much. He created Miley Cyrus, God’s gift to earth and the internets.

  13. Senor Trout

    The acquisition of the tricycle, and subsequent studied aloofness while astride said vehicle, was the official signal that his lack of self-awareness has reached the Pratt/Hasselhoff stage. Now within sight – Stage 6, Kardashian.

  14. Jeremy

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Bieber.

  15. DiegoAD

    Billy can’t wait for Miley so that they can start filming their own version of “Bound 2.”

  16. Hip hop Blows Horse Cocks

    Dog “The Cock fucker”.

  17. anonymous

    Nothing like a “badass” photoshoot while sitting on your DAUGHTER’S bike.

  18. He’s waiting for the local group of Hell’s Angels to arrive.

  19. Swearin

    This remake of Renegade is going to be shit.

  20. yumm

    his motorcycle is twerking …

  21. Jiminy Cryptic

    Billy Ray strikes a pose on the Asshatmobile.

  22. Jenn

    It’s a backwards hick on a backwards 3-wheeler. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  23. fred

    It’s the third wheel that makes it all look so bad ass.

  24. NOTHING says bad ass like a Tricycle. That’s what all the 6 year old on my block are telling me…

  25. This is from the Lego “Washed up country music star on a Transformer” collection.

  26. Cock Dr

    What is that silly thing? A trike on steroids?

  27. lawn

    The leader of the Douchebag Patrol.

  28. Flatliner

    Batman has his batmobile…Billy Ray has his douchemobile

  29. AnnaD.

    The Douchepod

  30. Grumpy Billy Ray is grumpy

  31. hamtime

    Just think, he could be daddy of Time’s Person of the Year.
    … it’s an excellent world that we live in.

  32. the old man

    All the danger of a motorcycle. None of the “cool.”

  33. Mohawk Disco

    If this bike does not end up in the next Transformers movie I don’t know Michael Bay. But if Billy Ray does, ditto.

  34. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    “the bike my daughter’s vagina bought”

  35. I didn’t know Harley Davidson manufactured tricycles now.

  36. Vlad

    Douches Can’t Ride Real Motorcycles

  37. I hope he had it cleaned after Jon Gosselin sold it to him.

  38. martina

    “Come here Miley, I got your pregnancy kit!”

  39. Gin N Tonic

    i can’t believe Miley’s such a train wreck…

  40. That three wheel bike is the sparkler of fireworks.. not fine to show off and you really don’t want to be seen with it.

  41. ObamaSux

    It’s hard to look cool on a tricycle…hahhh

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