1. Well, I don’t know about a kiss, but at least he got a flower first.

  2. Seen here making the duck mating call.

  3. Well I guess we know which way Joanna Krupa’s husband swings…

  4. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    “Harder! Harder!” When I reach orgasm. I blow the flower. you stop!”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    The face on the guy in the background. That is all.

  6. Frank Burns

    “Ford Motor presents an exciting new automobile, the Ford Douchebag! Includes as standard a sex swing rising from the trunk, and a douchebag James Franco hood ornament, though Franco insisted ‘it must be mounted in the back.’”

  7. No Leo, take me instead!

  8. Dox

    Guy behind Franco: Not yet. He isn’t far enough over the ledge yet…..

  9. If you’re going to get rammed from behind on a public sex swing by a square-faced man in the throes of divine ecstasy, make sure you’re whistling the opening to ‘Patience’ to a dying flower.

  10. cc

    Have sling will travel.

  11. If James Franco wanted someone to drop a custard load on his back he doesn’t need the harness, There are many out there willing to give him the Ol’ Donkey Punch. He just needs to give the guy maturbating behind him the white rose.

  12. fuckface

    “MOOOON River…..Usin’ the whole fist there, Doc.?”

  13. And just then, Phil Robertson woke up screaming!

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