1. That’s the look of a woman who just realized she ruined her marriage to fuck Justin Beiber.

  2. Joe

    We call this shade Knob-Slobbing-Whore-Lips red.

  3. What, not breast feeding child?

  4. She has a weird face

  5. Mchael

    I thought it was Miley Cyrus at one point!

  6. cocoa

    Needs moar breastfeeding

  7. Mama Pinkus

    she will age into Leona Helmsley

  8. Miss D

    Where do I buy that lipstick pallet?

  9. cc

    Odd…that’s pretty much how my day started. Except mine had more coffee.

  10. Tits by God, face by Mattelâ„¢

  11. Mohawk Disco

    I have less and less respect for her as a person but my penis demanded that I reassure her he has no such reservations against Miranda.

  12. What? She’s getting her hair and makeup done and isn’t breast-feeding at the same time? Supermodel, maybe; supermom, no way,

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