1. “See? No balls.”

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    I miss the days when Paris Hilton would get out of a car the same way.

  3. Dox

    “I am so peeing on her pillow when we get home tonight…”

  4. “Well, Johnny, I see Scraps is a boy dog isn’t he?” (ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…)

  5. Vlad

    No Helen, it’s not a hot dog

    Can’t I just take one bite?

    No, it’s an dog, not food.

    But I’m hungry.

    This is a PETA photoshoot, Helen, we don’t eat animal flesh.

    But I thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals?

  6. “They took my balls Avi… THEY TOOK MY BALLS!!”

  7. Jkh

    Since when is castrated doggy porn ethical?

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