1. Nothing says self-respect like an “insert dick here” face.

    • Drew

      Pretty sure her self respect is long gone considering she’s hanging out with Chris Brown. If anything, I’d say the “insert dick here face” redeems her a bit.

  2. I bet her walnuts are bigger.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Love is…..squeezing in to the box she came in

  4. sheldon

    Looks like she can take a punch.

  5. BenDoverman

    There’s a face that says “Yup, I’ve taken a shit in her mouth!”

  6. farting old man's wife

    Is that stupid bastard sitting on the ignorant sluts lap??? Where are the taliban when you need them!??!!

  7. I’m going to assume the “Brazilian model” is just Chris Brown doublespeak for “tranny.”

    • What the fuck are all you people talking about? She’s really hot. Has an amazing ass.

      Being with Chris Brown indicates she’s probably as dumb as a pot roast, but she’s very nice to look at. And I’d wager she’s a blast in the rack as well.

  8. Frank The Duck

    So nice to have a wholesome date for Thanksgiving at Mom’s house. For both of them….

  9. it had to be said

    Looks like Chris found someone else to give him the bugger.

  10. cc

    Having spent many years in martial arts, I can tell her not to leave your jaw hanging like that..much easier to get it broken. Usually not an issue but…

  11. Looks like he punched her too.

  12. Brazilian? Hmmm, I wonder if they both had the same thing in mind when he suggested using his fist on her.

  13. chicken chickenovna chickenova

    epitome of class, that face. Yeah, if you confuse class with enjoying Chris Brown dumping his Mega Man Turd in your mouth.

  14. Raoul

    See? I’m straight! I bet this one doesn’t even have a penis!

  15. Honey, check yo’self before he wrecks yo’self.

  16. SlippyDippy

    “Yeah, that’s kind of sexy, but I really prefer the ‘jaw wired shut’ look.”

  17. Venom

    Just another Brazilian tranny no surprise here. We all know that is his preference anyway.

  18. Terry

    He’s an overrated, in the closet wierdo and she’s an overrated, highly augmented video ho!

  19. Ruckus

    Was this her prom picture?

  20. “I sure done a good job on her makeup. You can’t even see the bruises.”

  21. The Most Interesting

    Where does the pillow biter look when confronted with giant cleavage?

  22. Dave Mustaine

    Model? Lol please!

  23. Radadoon

    This crazy face is because the gerbil just turned a corner… wheewww that is some good stuff in there now….

  24. Little Tongue

    From the look on his face, this one is not gonna be able to tell her story to anyone after he’s done with her…

  25. So Chris is now doing Brazilian trannies. Nice change from R&B singers.

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