1. ThisWillHurt

    The midriff says “Fuck me,” but the face says “Animal crackers don’t taste like animals, you guys!”

  2. Grand Dragon

    43 years old and gave birth twice. Just sayin’

  3. mrsmass

    i thought this was a flashback to 1995.

  4. I have No Doubt I would love to get a piece of that.

  5. She makes a lot of younger stars look like lazy shitheads effortlessly.

  6. Tron

    “My vag is a little loose, but I’m still hot. Suck it, Tonto!”

  7. Totes would for shoor.

  8. EricLr

    Yo Paris, people keep asking me how I keep such a rocking body. All I can say is, thank you miscarriages!

  9. cc

    ‘I’d wreck that woman’ – Brian

  10. InkyBlack


  11. Dame Ed

    Can you botox your abs?

  12. Always with the pajamas…

  13. Hey blond lady can I Pocahontas?

  14. tlmck

    Heck of a career from one hit song, and being the perennial opening act of the American Music Awards.

    • Sorry, which of their at least five hit songs are you referring to? Should I mention the diamond (10 million+) selling album, one of only 110 such albums in recording history? Yeah, shut up.

      • tlmck

        The only number one hit they had was “Don’t Speak”, and their only hit IMO. I do not count the also-rans or albums as their success is generally a product of fans of the act more than fans of music in general. I am only a fan of great music, whereas fans of the act would have made “Mary Had a Little Lamb” a hit had No Doubt recorded it during their heyday. It’s a common phenomenon.

      • “Just a Girl” – #3 in the UK (mostly recognized after “Don’t Speak” became a hit)
        “Underneath It All” – #3 in the US (Billboard Hot 100); won Grammy
        “Hey Baby” – #5 in the US; won Grammy
        “It’s My Life” – #10 in the US; Grammy-nominated

        But I guess I didn’t realize that your definition of “one hit song” is “only one song that I happen to like, and everyone else can get stuffed.”

      • Why are we discussing music here when the subject is clearly Gwen Stefani’s tight tightness of tightdom?

      • Fishballs

        And their new album is probably the best stuff they’ve done since their first. Also, you can’t listen to alt-rock radio without hearing Spider Webs at least once a day.

        And, yes…I’d totally drizzle my cream filling on that stomach.

      • anonymous

        No Doubt is cringe-inducing crapola.

  15. She looks perfectly edible to me.*

    *Or my name ain’t Toots Shor! Bwahahahahaha…

  16. welldoneson

    Yes Gwen is, er, “lookin’ hot”. And she’s an A-list star so unless you’re one also I suggest you shut up and stare.

  17. Indiana Jones

    Talk about a butter face!

  18. Josie

    Gwen Stefani >>>>> Miley Cyrus

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