1. Flatliner

    Although the woman’s expression says it all, its’ pretty sad when even the white guy is laughing at you.

  2. ” I am not a dirtbag, I don’t pay tips in DVD’s, people do like me. Don’t look over at the people!

  3. Blob

    “Ssshhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet.”

  4. Apparently, only white people like Jeremy Piven.

  5. capn obvious

    Douche meter says:



  6. cc

    Looking at those faces…no caption required.

  7. tito

    i’ve heard this joke…so will smith, a transvestite, and tom brady with a haircut are sitting at a table when….

  8. brick

    Somewhere Shia Labeouf lies naked in a alley.

  9. The black chick and Jeremy Piven get their hair from the same place.

  10. They can laugh all they want, he’s fucking Kelly Brook. He wins.

  11. Vladimir

    Soooo, he’s a gay, hipster, prostitute now?

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