1. Helmet…football…I bet she has an entire sporting goods store in there.

  2. SisterRay

    [insert obligatory comment about balls between her legs here]

  3. little turtle head

    I have something brown and thick that can go between her legs….My daschund Bernie!!!

  4. Johnny P!

    Birthin’ a new Penn State coach.
    “When this one hatches, he’ll have a job opening just waitin’ for him! ** giggle!***”

  5. Jackie

    Is it just me or is everything in this photo terrifying, weird shaped and shitty? Square breast implants, post-menopause abdomen and…what’s that fleshy knob hanging off the back of her arm? An extra elbow? Parasitic twin?

    • Deacon Jones


    • cc

      She’s not terribly attractive…just a mediocre bleach blonde who benefited from a lot of airbrushing. Which is true of just about every playmate in the last decade.

    • gumption

      when I saw her gut in the first pic I scolded myself for being too harsh. When I saw this one, I was disgusted. Her stomach is terrible! the fake tits are terrible.

  6. I hear they didn’t even have to snip the Perineum.

  7. cc

    What the caption doesn’t say is that the ball is on it’s way out already, not on it’s way in.

  8. KC

    Am I the only one old enough to remember when playmates were attractive? And didn’t have weird penises?

  9. Blech

    Damn it, she done did killed Thanksgiving!

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