1. Tim Burton really needs to stop imagining his characters to life. Geez, what a dick…

  2. Satan's bitch

    “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…”

  3. Cock Dr

    Dear god…that is awful.

  4. “can i get someone to loosen my hair!? my face is starting to hurt!”

  5. it had to be said

    Well, for the parts of her that stylists can do something with she looks OK. The face is still a terror, but what the hell, right?

  6. It’s fitting that she’s dressing like a vampire now. She’s been living off of sucked talent for 17 years now.

    Hah, just kidding…Cobain wasn’t talented enough to even keep himself alive for another 17 years.

  7. arnieblackblack

    What a strange looking woman. I wouldn’t fuck her with yours.

  8. Venom

    Good to see they assigned security to make sure she does not take her top off again.

  9. cc

    The living embodiment of boner prevention serum.

  10. celebutard

    “Who the hell is Pedro Almodovar? I thought this was a tribute for Pablo Escobar – I mean, why else would I be here?”

  11. … and not a single hard-on was raised that day.

  12. Do_Freebird

    My God, she looks just like Joan Crawford: dead for 33 years.

  13. Perplexity

    Smells Like Skank Spirit

  14. Bonky

    Why the fuck does she get invited to anything ?

  15. farting old man's wife

    OMG! the dead fucking lives!!! (Sam Kinison)

  16. TomFrank

    You know what the most disturbing part of this picture is? Those aren’t patterned pantyhose.

  17. Buddy the Elf

    Corpse Bride, the musical.

  18. That’s the best I’ve ever seen her look. But that ain’t sayin’ much.

  19. Dr Ha-Ha

    There’s always a Middle Eastern looking fellow off to the side in the background, thinking ‘so THIS is why the terrorists hate America’.

  20. JJ

    Fitting that the only Chanel bag she can afford is a paper shopping bag.

  21. Ouddy

    She can be in Walking Dead and safe them some money on make up.

  22. brit

    Auditioning for the part of Big Ears in Dumbo II ?

  23. Slurpee

    I’m not sure why they’d make a sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but why else would Gary Oldman be wearing that get up?

  24. Tara Reid must have recommended her plastic surgeon.

  25. Dali

    She is going to live to 100.

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