1. Madonna, the original microphone hipster… Take that Kardashians!

  2. ThisWillHurt

    So Madonna is an amputee now? She’s so brave to continue to perform without the aid of prosthetics or a mic stand.

  3. BP

    Who was the opening act, Stephen Hocking?

  4. Mr. Poop

    grandmadonna demonstrating her most honed skill

  5. rantatonne

    Stallone is looking at anything but this in that previous picture

  6. Cock Dr

    “Performing” indeed.
    The posting of this photo simply feeds the monstrous ego, lusting for attention of any kind, that dwells inside that cage of bones & leathery tendons.

  7. richie

    The 5-second rule requires you to pick it up, dummy!

  8. Sorry guys – old ladies don’t drool enough, so she won’t electrocute herself :-(

  9. Jeremy

    If you’ve never seen a microphone go completely limp, you’re about to.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    What a wonderful role model… I think the Africans living in the mud hut are asking for their kid back now.

  11. Taffy


    • pavement_smear

      It may seem an odd way to apply defibrillation, but this is the same tried and true method she uses to resuscitate her career.

  12. Mama Pinkus

    WHY to people pay attention to these attention whores

  13. Sister Ray

    Another celebrity on whom the concept of aging gracefully is lost.

  14. Is that microphone a Vega or a Sennheiser?

    Sorry, I was just trying to find something that actually interested me about this picture.

  15. 1NDUN

    The road crew secretly replaced Madonna’s usual microphone with one dipped in liquid nitrogen. Let’s watch.

  16. Jade

    Icky :(

    Don’t get me wrong. When I’m her age I’d like to be fit, active, and youthful. But I don’t want to be a nasty whore, and I’d like my children and grand children to not be embarrassed of me.

  17. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

  18. “Madonna worked well into her senior years. Assisted buy her hearing aids and a floor mounted microphone, she was able to perform her sexually charged routine throughout her golden years.”

  19. Sigh…you think that’s edgy Madonna? Do it with a black one.

  20. kravdan

    Don’t worry Microphone it could be worse…she could use you to sing.

  21. Great White Pygmy

    Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    After this,she performed ‘Respect Yourself’.

  23. cc

    Go with your strengths, isn’t that what they say?

  24. Bigalkie

    Bugs Bunny sends the exploding microphone from ACME to Wile.E.Madonna.

  25. Timothy

    “SEE! I am so edgy! I am relevant! “

  26. EricLR

    Yeah, my grandma never did learn how to use a microphone right either.

  27. Mark B

    Twenty five years ago this shot would have had me go from limp to Hamm in .6 seconds.

  28. I see she does ass-to-mouth.

  29. George P Burdell

    The modern Medusa: whatever she looks at turn to metal.

  30. This is the sexiest I’ve seen her look in a long time.

  31. Anderson Pooper

    I want to know what sick, twisted soul prodded a blind guy to throw those crumpled dollar bills on stage while she stripped.

  32. OleBiatch

    That’s a hearing aid, not a stage monitor….

  33. After the show they will have someone in a Hazmat suit come to dispose of it. It being the microphone or Madonna.

  34. ---

    No. No no no. No no no no.

  35. The Royal Penis

    All of a sudden a grandma with no teeth seems kind of hot.

  36. sarah

    oh i get it… its cuz she looks like a man. thats why she knows it will be appealing to her audience.

  37. Guys, did you leave my sex toys on the stage again? Let me see… Yup. Damn it! Pick those up right now!

  38. Allison Wunderlan

    Ahhhhh…..that akward moment when you realize that your teenage daughter doesn’t know how to get famous.

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