1. So this is what they mean “Beat with the ugly stick”?

  2. BP

    This fucking guy’s got it made, why does he even bother wearing a suit for all of the dumb events he partakes in…Lady Di’s lucky she’s dead!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m willing to renounce my American citizenship and pledge loyalty to the Queen if she would just call this idiot and tell him to bring his dumb ass back home.

  4. Cock Dr

    Is that an actual hair skirt?

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    They’re warning him if he picks up that human cooking utensil, all bets are off. Maoris like to cook, but (at least these days) not be cooked.

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    Suit and sunglasses man is there because they really aren’t sure this doesn’t end with Charles swimming in a boiling cauldron with carrots and potatoes.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Someone throw up that Bush gif of him dancing with those natives playing the drums, that was hilarious

  8. Moo Cow Hunter

    White man, white man! On 6. Rape the land. On the center! Ready! – Prince Charles suddenly realized, a friendly game of football just turned into something else.

  9. Matt

    For the last time, I said you’re not fucking my dog!

  10. The Prince pointed at the ground, indicating to the warrior where his body would rest when British troops arrived with their modern firearms.

  11. Is it Whacking Day already? Where has the year gone.

  12. cc

    I say, Whelton, I’ve got a spot of bother with a wog…pass me my Holland & Holland in 600 Nitro Express.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Without thinking, Prince Charles picked up the staff to defend the Duchess of Cornwall’s honor. When he saw the size of his opponent, he wisely set the staff to the ground and agreed that Camilla did look like a baboon’s ass.

  14. EricLR

    To be followed by the traditional British “Let Me Show You What a Musket Can Do if You Don’t Give Us Your Lands” Ceremony.

  15. mando

    just make sure he wins, or else…

  16. Tron

    Kriss Kross will make ya…JUMP JUMP!!

  17. Tron

    WABBIT TRACKS! You have to be var-weeee quiet.

  18. If they did the haka, poor Chuck would soil his royal bloomers.

  19. Anderson Pooper

    The Great Prince mesmerized the natives by pulling a white maple pool cue from his trousers. However, they were not amused when we began waving it around from his crotch, and they soon angrily forced him to place it on the ground. No man, especially a foreigner, is allowed to ridicule Chief Short Pork.

  20. whomsoever

    Never seen before photo from Bohemian Grove.

  21. Go ahead.. Pick it up. Do ya feel lucky, punk?

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