1. Yeah, because removing the chin implant is going to fix everything.

  2. yourmom

    Good to see she’s putting that porn cash to good use…

  3. I agree the chin implant is a distraction during the finishing shot.

  4. Apparently her chin gets stabby while performing…

  5. Doctor: “I don’t understand, this implant is rated for over two million scrotum impacts”
    Farrah: “You’re saying I need a new one every WEEK?”

  6. Maybe he can install a brain too while he is at it? Is she gong to pay for the operation with anal sex? Might not be a bad deal.

  7. Icehawg

    “Jeez….I only see that kind of throat dent in 60 year old prostitutes with long histories of ridiculously hardcore anal sex. We might need to run some tests to determine what caus….”

    “uh…that’s okay Doc. Nevermind.”

  8. “Yeah, these lymph nodes are definitely swollen. Have you been doing ass to mouth again?”

  9. Inner Retard

    I’m confused. Is this for real or a porn plot?

  10. Stop with the fucking surgery, lady.

  11. EricLR

    I wonder if she realizes that’s not an actual doctor, and that most physicians don’t have offices in an abandoned strip mall.

  12. cc

    It’s been damaged by too much ball slapping and she needs a new one.

  13. But where will people park their balls?

  14. “Doctor, I’m thinking about getting my chin implant removed.”
    “Why is that?”
    “Well, apparently a lot of people say I look like Goofy from the Disney cartoons”
    “Oh, well that’s not because of the chin implant”.
    “Ya, they say that because you’re fucking ugly”.

  15. Blob

    Ohh, you. Whatever. But pull my nightie down when you’re finished.

  16. The Pope

    “Ah, you’re right. I can see the skidmarks.”

  17. Removing the ball-shelf is a bad business decision.

  18. Cumpooter

    No, You cannot pay me in anal

  19. I don’t know – the doctor looks pretty good from here.

  20. “this procedure will cost you one million dollars … just kidding only $10,000″

  21. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Where was the Chinaman implanted? I don’t see him.

  22. I Like Waffles

    “Don’t worry… I’ve got a buyer already lined up and ready to pay top dollar… Courtney Scrotum or something.”

  23. yumm

    her chin is connected to her thing.

  24. “You want me to remove your chin implant? Alright. Take off all your clothes and put your feet in the stirrups.”

  25. Can anyone hazard a guess as to why there was a photographer present during her plastic surgery consultation?

  26. “Now you’ve got it! Raising your head up like that as far as possible will make swallowing loads much, much easier…”

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