1. Queer eye for the really badass black guy?

  2. DiegoAD

    If that’s a dude’s hand near her left boob, wtf is up with that nail polish?

  3. BP

    Even Mickey Rourke thinks this outfit sucks!

  4. tidbit

    With that outfit, I’d believe him if he said he doesn’t see race because he’s color blind.

  5. contusion

    I think he picked one item from each drawer and closet in the house and headed out the door.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    Samuel J. Gonad territory

  7. I think he looks great except his jacket needs to be a couple of inches longer.

  8. “I took those motherfuckin snakes and made some pants.”

  9. Toe Jam

    Who else has more swagger than Samuel Jackson? No one. (If this comment ends up on the wrong photo…Hey Superficial – fix your shit).

  10. He nailed the Professor Badass loafers, but everything else looks sort of Elijah Muhammad meets Mamma Mia.

  11. You know in his mind he is going “say something n*gga, just say something”.

    • yeah, but in his mind, he’s saying the actual word, since he’s a badass, and not a pussy. Besides, everybody knows if you end nigg with ‘a’ , ‘az’ or ‘ah’ and not ‘er’, it’s acceptable.

  12. Django Unchained meets fashion unrepresented.

  13. This Samuel X guy looks just like Samuel L. Jackson…hey, wait…

  14. cc

    If you click your heels together, you go back to the gay bar in Kansas.

  15. mike

    I spent basically all of 1997 praying for this moment.

    Now you can all try to figure out what fucking picture I’m talking about.

  16. Badly Dressed Mother Fucker.

  17. Mike, The Long Kiss Goodnight was 1996…

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