1. For folks with a hand fetish, this is solid gold.

  2. Twister: “Left hand white.”

  3. BP

    That guy is one lucky devil!

  4. Damn. How did he land a chick that hot? She is beautiful.

  5. Deacon Jones

    “You’ve got 5 minutes with her, then she’s mine again. Sloppy seconds if you use her balloon knot. I gave her another Vicodin at 6, so she’ll need one in another hour or so.”

  6. “Right this way, Ms. Blunt. Oh—and you, too, Mr. Blunt.”

  7. I’ve been clean and sober for a long time, but I’d smoke that Blunt!

  8. Sill cheating on him with everyone in sight I assume?

  9. I think he might actially be the only married man in the world who jerks off to thoughts of his own wife.

  10. The cop-a-feel ninja strikes after his manicure appointment.

  11. jim eh

    Hey, it’s upside down mouth lady!

  12. Freebie

    He’s not too shabby. I’d do him.

  13. Martina

    she’s gorgeous, mmmmmm

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