1. malaka

    is it me or does that mascot look like one of bowser’s kids?

  2. Is there anything these whores won’t put their name on?

  3. “You talk to those girls. I’ll stay here and eat pussy.”

  4. Swearin

    Definitely not the only fuzzy thing he’s had in his mouth before

  5. I can guarantee you not one of those people listens to Kiss.

    Hell, I’m pretty sure the guy in the back just liked the idea of being able to play with makeup.

  6. Gene needs to talk to Paul’s hair guy.

  7. Know how I know that kid doesn’t know shit about Kiss? Nobody wants to be Peter Criss…not even Peter Criss.

  8. KISS, the original Duck Dynasty whores. Everything those fake hillbillies learned they learned from Gene Simmons.

  9. Ronaldo

    what is that thing on top of Simmons’ head????

  10. Nice Prince Valiant wig, Simmons. At least he discovered Van Halen…

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