1. I’d watch that happen in real time.

  2. malaka

    that’s one stealthy black microphone.

  3. You’ve got to make your own fun at Knicks games this year.

  4. God, they are so desperate to make this ugly, Plain Jane “model” into the next big thing. First they pay Rihanna to hang out with her and now M-Rod and do pretend lesbian shit. Has been a learning experience watching how the Hollywood machine turns a person no one would give two shits about into someone they might, for a little while anyway.

  5. joe

    Future spokeswhores for the Colorado Tourism Board.

  6. Joe Blow

    So much for the “lesbians on the interweb are always smoking hot” theory.

  7. Michelle is one hell of a hot woman. Too bad she plays for the other team. Is Cara gay too?

  8. The guy on the left is totally smitten by chicks who can balance condoms on their eyes.

  9. Don’t stick your tongue out at me unless you intend to use it, young lady.

  10. I saw the whole set of pictures of this clusterfuck, can’t believe you didnt buy them!

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Me too. They’re sitting next to a boxing champ who looked like he was always 1 second from knocking the lesbian out of these girls.

  11. Did the one on the right just cough up a cervical cap?

  12. Cara was trying desperately to convince everyone Michelle was straight, but turns out she was blowing smoke.

  13. Lindsay Lohan

    Jesus Michelle, get your act together.

  14. coljack

    This halftime show is brought to you by Airlingus.

  15. I … what? What am I seeing here?

  16. cc

    No harm in a little bit of the old ‘stoned, drunk girls pretending to give fellatio’ game.

  17. Guess which girl is the lesbian, and which one enjoys the wiener.

  18. That’s the closest thing to a smile I’ve seen on Michele’s face yet.

  19. pete

    The Knicks played in NY and against Detroit on the 7th. The Lakers played the Mavs in Dallas. So where was this picture taken?

  20. CtF

    Why’s that guy below them sportin’ the Eye of Sauron?

  21. I’d Cara her Della-vingies.

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