1. It wasn’t me, I swear! I always tell you when it’s one of mine. Saget, you asshole!

  2. Lord Helmet

    That girl from The Ring is behind me again, isn’t she?

  3. Echo5

    Of all people, how is it that Coulier dropped the ball on the group ‘cut it out’?

  4. What the hell is Rihanna doing there?

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Bob Saget tried to hit on Rihanna until he realized she wasn’t 17 anymore.

  6. Ironic

    Stamos is thinking: “you went down on HIM in a theater?”

  7. ksmack

    Bod Saget. Totally would.

  8. malaka

    not for nothin, this is an awesome picture.
    there’s also a sweet photobomb in a photobomb thing goin on there too.
    and i know what joey is thinkin.
    i mean, who wouldn’t wanna fuck stamos.

  9. Ya, I guess 3 jokers and a queen can make a full house..

  10. Has-beens, party of four…

  11. Stamos: “Dave, you’re being gross again. Put this back in your nose.”

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