1. Something, something, Jon Hamm, something, something.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    If that was Justin Bieber holding a giant pickle, I’d have a great comment. But I like Seth Myers so I’ll let it go.

  3. Good luck on the “Late Night” show. You have some big shoes to fill.

  4. Lord Helmet

    Is that a pickle in your arms or you’re just happy to see us.

  5. Now that Kanye’s butt plug has been removed, maybe he will lighten up. I just hope Seth didn’t have the job of tugging on that bad boy.

  6. Why is he carrying Snooki?

  7. caley

    Boy, do I wish they’d hired the pickle to host a talk show instead of him…

  8. Ivanhoe

    Just a little present from… Stefon

  9. “My girlfriend called and ordered me to ‘come over and bring something large for me to suck’ so naturally…”

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