1. So Fergie is taking estrogen shots to “balance” things out?

  2. Incoming message from the Big Giant Head!

  3. B&WMinstrel


  4. I thought it was Kristy Alley, even the first name is similar

  5. EricLR

    3rd crack rock from done

  6. She and Kathleen Turner must have the same plastic surgeon…

  7. 3rd chin from the neck.

  8. GJerk

    Ohhh I hear an ice cream truck!

  9. Ryan Reynolds used to bang her. Which means, by proxy, Blake Lively has banged her. Enjoy that image.

  10. skippy86

    She assimilated one too many earthlings.

  11. jonesy

    Listen, nobody like the lineup! Now, face the window please.

  12. Best Film Award at the Hearst Magazines/48 Hour Film Project in New York City…??? Omigod, did they neglect to televise it? Well heads up, everybody, ‘cuz my neighbor George has invited me to George’s Best Celeb Bashing Ceremony downstairs in his apartment. In fact, I can hear the rehearsals taking place as I type…Shoes are required.

  13. It’s always nice to see that even celebrities sometimes simply say, “Fuck it!” after they’ve made enough cash.

  14. Wow, she fell off hard.

  15. They arrest people for looking like Wookiies now?

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