1. journalschism

    “86 HRS.” starring Ernest Hemingway and an uncredited hipster doofus.

  2. The apple doesn’t fall from the whatever the hell he is nowadays…

  3. contusion

    “Hey…I’ll trade you what I have in the styrofoam container for the Snapple. I promise it’s not my own feces (this time).”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Brad Pitt is researching his role for the life story of Nick Nolte? He’s got the unkempt look and ill-fitting clothes part down. He just needs to find a dirty bathrobe for the red carpet appearances.

  5. Frank Burns

    Which one is Nick Nolte?

  6. Now taking bets on which one will be the first to pee in the gutter.

  7. Something tells me if he ever gets within arms reach of these paps he’s going to rip their fucking heads off.

  8. Toe Jam

    Lets face it, thats pretty dressy for Nolte.

  9. Cock Dr

    Santa looks as if he knows that I’ve been bad.
    Tell him I’ve got months to rack up the good behavior points before next Xmas.

  10. Jw

    Isn’t that the scientist from Independence Day?

  11. Why do all these ‘celebrities’ look like hobos?

  12. You’re supposed to stay away from your younger self when you time travel!

  13. tlmck

    Nick Nolte and Kurt Russell together again.

  14. Whambalam

    “Ya ever been to sea Billy?”

  15. “Dude, you’re pretty fucking grungy looking. Go home and clean yourself up. And dig up some self-esteem, stupid!”

    “Funny, I was just going to say the same thing to you…”

  16. I bet the younger man’s hair comes off with his hat.

  17. I feel like he’s been following that guy around all morning saying “Snaaaaaaaaple… Snaaaaaaaaaaple…….Snaaaaaaaaple….” just for kicks. Hence the walkaround food.

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