1. I bet it upsets him when people call him Pete for short.

  2. contusion

    I’ve never seen a dog do the red carpet, crossed legs pose to make it’s hips look thinner. That Dinklage is a hell of a trainer.

  3. Stacy

    Why doesn’t he just jump on and ride the dog?

  4. George P Burdell

    That dire wolf isn’t very scary.

  5. I would never walk anywhere if I had that option.

  6. Toe Jam

    Screw you, and the dog you rode in on.

  7. Peter Dinklage spent half of the morning looking for a place to tie his horse.

  8. Peter Dinklage seen here walking his chihuahua.

  9. PhotoGuy

    I clicked “View Full Size” but he still looks kinda small.

  10. Animal

    It’s a Seeing-Eye Dinklage.


  12. jonesy

    That dog taking Dinklage for a walk is about to fall flat on its fucking face. You can’t walk with your legs crossed you stupid K9!

  13. tlmck

    I guess if I had cable, I would know who this guy is other than somebody who is always on The Superficial. Just have never been able to bring myself to pay a monthly fee to watch commercials.

    • He’s on HBO, and HBO is commercial-free. And I don’t think you have to have cable to get HBO. I think you can get a separate antenna installed. At least, that’s how it was done in the ’80s when a lot of places weren’t wired for cable yet.

      There are also these things called dee-vee-dees where you can watch the show he stars in—as well as the movies he’s appeared in!—without paying for those monthly fees or pesky movie tickets.

  14. Whatever. Dinklage still rules. I’d hit it.

  15. Ruth

    Bubble coat? It’s a vest and the term would be “puffy vest” or “down jacket” (though this vest is featherless).

  16. JJ

    For a second I thought Hank the Dwarf was still alive…RIP Hank

  17. Grafikman

    The Dinklage abides.

  18. “You’re so cute!, Yes you are. And so nice. Wook at him. Oh, you like this dont you, ya this is your favorite. Oh, how cute, the dog likes it too.”

  19. Jill

    Photos of Peter Dinklage walking his dog is my yearly heads up that Game of Thrones is about to come back, so I am about as excited as Peter is in this photo.

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