1. Have no idea who this is. But I wanked.

  2. uuusss

    Fowler? But I barely know her.

  3. Moo Cow Hunter

    This is the problem. If you cocktease don’t be suprised by the reaction. She has no problem posting half naked pics of herself but I bet if you looked at her longer than 3 seconds on the street she’d have a bitchfest. Either follow through or don’t do it. I hate cunts like her. – I don’t know why I just said all this.

  4. Are none of these celebrities smart enough to hold their cellphone hand out of the mirror view?

  5. The tweet read “Just woke up. Does anyone know where I am?#walkofshame

  6. According to the Camwhore Guide — “The cellphone must be near the eyes with a decent visibility to the screen in order to take pictures on which you look better than you actually do by choosing the optimal angle.”

  7. Man up and show us your bare titties!:)

  8. skinny bitch

    Another desperate wannabe posting her body of twitter, nothing new here

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